Would you like to start cycling? Are you planning to buy a new mountain bike? If so, you have come to the right place. In our first episode we will introduce various types of bikes and show you how to set your bike up correctly.


The basic and most common type of mountain bike is a hardtail. It has a diamond-shaped frame with no suspension. The only suspension on the bike is on the front fork. A hardtail offers great stiffness, low weight, and excellent agility. The only disadvantage is the lack of comfort. It is more suitable for less technical race courses, where riders prefer to limit the loss of pedalling energy.

A full-suspension bike has chain stays that move independently of the front triangular-shaped frame part. These bikes provide greater comfort, especially in rougher terrain and on downhill sections. However, this comes at the cost of higher weight and poorer pedalling energy transfer.


This is a type of full-suspension bike built to tackle the most extreme downhill tracks. It has a more open head tube angle and offers better stability on steep downhill sections. The suspension travel is much greater. The whole bike is specially built to handle the most extreme conditions.


These bikes are quite similar to downhill bikes, but offer less suspension travel and the option to completely lock the suspension. A dropper post means the rider can switch their saddle position between downhill and active pedalling modes.


A fat bike is similar to a hardtail. The difference is the high-volume tires, as it is purposely built to ride on snow and under other extreme conditions.

Would you like to learn how the set up your mountain bike correctly? A specialist from the Alltraining training centre will show you how in the second half of the video.

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