Having a correctly set up and fully functional bike is crucial for good cycling performance. It not only ensures efficient energy transfer from the pedals but also helps us prevent various health problems that might eventually appear after long rides on an incorrectly setup bike.

If you ride more than one type of bike (road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike), it is important to have an identical setup on all of them to avoid any problematic movements. You should spend at least a quarter of your riding time on the bike you are planning to race on.

The rider should always feel comfortable on their bike. Cycling shoes and cleat pedals are a must at this level. It takes some time to get used to them, but they will give you more confidence and you will gain better control over the bike together with much better energy transfer.


The saddle should allow the rider to pedal comfortably in fluent circles.

  • If the saddle is too high, the leg is too stretched and the hamstrings get overloaded.
  • If the saddle is too low, we overload the quadriceps and our legs will soon start to hurt.

The saddle shape is also important. We should sit on the ‘pear’ of the saddle and pay attention to the horizontal setup, which is something that should be left to a professional bike fitter with the right bike setup device.



We also need to pay attention to the handlebars. Although the road cycling and mountain biking techniques differ, there is a general recommendation that the angle our arm makes should be similar to that when we want to shake someone’s hand. Our spine should form a bow shape.

The higher we set the bars, the more comfortable we will be. On the other hand, riders seeking higher performance go for a lower position to gain a more aerodynamic setup, which helps them save precious watts.

It is always best to seek a professional to get the right bike setup. You are welcome to visit our Alltraining Centre, where you can have your bike professionally set up using the class-leading Retül Fit equipment.

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