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Formentor 5

210 km / + 1906 m

Cap de Formentor, Mallorca’s Cycling Paradise

Route summary:
This route over Cap de Formentor is known as the Royal Stage as it is the longest and takes you to the most northerly point of the island. This trip is only for experienced riders. It should be the peak of your cycling holiday and will require some serious preparation. The whole trip takes between 7 and 10 hours depending on your average speed. We recommend stopping at Cap de Formentor to recover some energy for the way back and to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the great views. On the way back, you can stop in many of the towns you passed by, such as Llucmajor, Inca, Pollenca, Alcudia, and Santa Maria del Camí. The terrain is slightly undulating. The most demanding part comes after you have passed through Pollenca where, in the north part of the island, there are hills to be climbed. Along the way, you can enjoy the views of the Tramuntana highlands and especially the part when the land meets the Mediterranean Sea.

 Cycling route summary:

The route starts with a slightly hilly profile to the town Llucmajor. It is followed by a shorter uphill around Randa to Algaida. A long flat section follows from Algaida through Inca, along the edge of the Tramuntana Mountains. This part of the route on beautiful roads will take you to Pollenca. The most difficult section will be starting at Port de Pollenca and finishing at Cap de Formentor. You will first experience an intense 5-kilometer climb, then a descent and then a slight uphill to the northernmost tip of Mallorca. The last section encourages you to compete against your friends. It will be necessary to climb the hills, you descended when coming to Cap de Formentor, on your way back. You will then take an easy journey along the north coast to Alcuida, followed by the flat road to Can Pastilla. You will ride through Sa Pobla and Santa Maria del Camí on typical Majorcan roads between local vineyards. You will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Tramuntana Mountains on the way.

 Tourist summary:

The start and end of this route are in Palma Aquarium. The route leads to the northernmost tip of Mallorca, Cap de Formentor. The inland mountains meet the Mediterranean Sea here. It is an iconic route. Someone would say "who wasn’t at Formentor, as if he wasn’t in Mallorca".


Route profile

Electric trekking bike

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210 km

elevation gain

+ 1906 m

highest altitude point

245 m. above sea level

Download the map in PDF format

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Interesting places along the route

26 km


It is the largest city on the island in terms of its wide area, however the population is less than 10 000. The first historical records of the city date back to the 13th century. Definitely the most interesting historical event is the Battle of Llucmajor. It was a part of the war of independence of the Mallorca Kingdom in 1349.

Important city industry today includes tourism and footwear production.

The most famous monuments of the city are the Town Hall, the Church of St. Michael from the 18th century on Plaça Santa Catalina Tomàs and the monument of James III - Passeig Jaume III. Jaume III. fell in a memorable battle in the war for independence.

26 km

35 km


Algaida has a population of 4,500. The origin of the name can be found in Arabic. It means "base".

The first written records date back to 1232. The city's sights are the Mare de Déu de la Pau de Catellitx, pilgrimage chapel and several windmills. The city also has the oldest glass blowing factory in Mallorca. You can still see the local glassmakers producing art objects in the workshop of the Gordiola family.

35 km

41 km


Pina is a small town. It is named after the hero Ferdinand Pina from the conquest battles. Its main attractions are the churches of San Cosme and San Damian, the Cross and Convent.

41 km

48 km


This area has been populated for thousands of years, as evidenced by the archaeological sites.

Great development at the beginning of the 19th century occurred by growing the wine. Unfortunately, the vineyards were destroyed by a pest, in the early 19th century. However, the area has managed to recover and we can find there the most famous vineyards in Mallorca.

One of Mallorca's most popular public figures was Sister Francinaina Cirer (1781 - 1855), blessed by Pope John Paul II. She was born right here.

48 km

57 km


Inca is the third largest city in Mallorca. We can find Roman and Muslim settlements in the city history. Inca is called the kingdom of the leather. The tradition of leather processing dates back to 1871. The Camper brand is still well known.

There is a "Leather Market" every Thursday.

The city landmark is the Santa Maria la Mayor church. You can also visit several local monasteries. Tourists are welcome.

And the recommendation for a famous restaurant? Definitely Celler Can Amer.

57 km

68 km


The original pueblo, today a town with 2,600 inhabitants. It is usually not on every tourist list, so its atmosphere is slightly sleepy.

The town is known for its springs, supplying the city's wells. The production of footwear had a big traditional here.

The parish church of the Immaculate Conception from the 18th century, will welcome you at the main square.

68 km

70 km

Coves de Campanet

There is a cave, near  Campanet, discovered by a man who dug a well here in 1945. Part of the cave complex is an underground lake.

70 km

83 km


A small town just a few kilometers from the Port De Pollensa. Town of narrow streets, stunning main square, many cafes, restaurants and bars.

You can see many artists all around the city. Writers and musicians are looking for some inspiration there.

The city’s landmark is the old Roman bridge, El Ponte Roma and the main square Placa Mayor.

You can climb 365 steps to the El Calvari tower, or take part in a never ending debate with the locals. Historical attacks by pirates are a famous topic.

83 km

110 km


A magical place on the halfway of the route. The lighthouse, not accessible to the public and beautiful sea views from north part of the island.

110 km

138 km


This port is a very popular holiday destination. It has clean beaches, clear water and many hotels and restaurants.

There are many cafés, bars, stylish boutiques and local shops in the pedestrian area.

Local markets are also very famous. They are held every Tuesday and Sunday. There is also the smallest Roman amphitheater in Spain.

138 km

151 km

Sa Pobla

 This town is known for its production of sweet potatoes, but its history goes much further. The first notes date back to 183 BC. Archaeological excavations proof the settlement.

You can visit the 17th-century Church of Sant Antoni Abat, on the main square Placa de Esglesia.

There is the S ´Albufera Nature Reserve Aladia, close by, with thousands of birds.

151 km

182 km

Santa Maria del Camí

The city is located in the heart of the wine region. The rich history of wine distribution and the view of authentic Majorcan villages, are an unforgettable experience when visiting the city, especially for wine lovers.

182 km

189 km

Sa Cabaneta

A small town with a ceramic production tradition. But the most famous attraction is the local distillery. The traditional drink of the Mallorca, RON AMAZONIA, is being produced there.

189 km

201 km

A ´Aranjassa

A small village on the route between Palma de Mallorca and the airport. Although it is a small village, with only 1,000 inhabitants, you will find there traditional architecture buildings.

201 km

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